A Travel Inspired Home

For years after graduating from school, I lived in furnished apartments with month-to-month leases and didn’t invest time or money into making my home nice, or even “uniquely me.”  I think in large part, this was a subconscious desire to have the ability to leave at any time, to pick up and go without mess, and to not firmly plant roots anywhere.  I was young, wild, and free.

Today, I maintain that I am still young (though getting older), wild (ok, a lot less wild), and just as free.  I have come to understand that creating a home doesn’t lock me in to any one person or place.  And while we should collect memories (and photos), not things…we pick up some items of meaning along the way, and we can incorporate those meaningful pieces into our everyday life at home.  It does make life just that much sweeter with reflections of our travels and personalized decor all around.

I finally found a way to display my vintage postcards (one of the few things I collect on my travels.)

Another thing I collect and display is sand from some of my favorite places on Earth (above, Sahara desert sand, my favorite Hawaiian beach sand, and sand from our trip to Thailand.)

You can always display a few favorite travel mementos.  I happily put together this shelf of ‘love,’ featuring the “Om Mani Padme Hum” words, Buddha, and Ganesh I learned about while traveling in Asia last year.  I also balanced it with a photograph of my life at home, of course 🙂


There are also many items available to you, once shopping back at home, that can add some international flair to your home.

Even the bathroom! Featuring Paris design mirror, incense from Thailand, vase from France.




As some of you know, I’m a bit on an “Anglophile,” for lack of a better term.  I have incorporated many British items into my home.  I also became completely captivated with India (and the bargaining at local markets,) so you’ll see many of this reflected in my home.  My poor boyfriend…I’ll ask him what he thinks and he says, “it looks Indian in here.”  He may tease me, but he lets me keep my India-happy decor around—for which I am very grateful!

Also—had to include the famous “Scratch Off Map” that’s been all over the web.  It was a birthday present from my brother.  I maintain it’s the best gift for the traveler in your life that’s out there!


This large wall print (from Ikea) with its ‘pop’ of red makes you feel like you’re looking out your window at London.

Scratch-off where you’ve been…and daydream about your next destination.

What do you do to display photos and mementos from your travels in your home?  Is there anything you collect from each place you visit?

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  1. I SO badly want a scratch off map! I keep putting it off to order!

    • It’s a lot of fun! Warning, though…it is tempting to scratch off the whole map, even more tempting to travel in order to legitimately scratch off new countries!!

  2. I love the photo of you and Court in your British bus frame.

    • I should frame the one of you doing “The Shakespeare” in a British frame and hang it on the wall. I would laugh every day!

  3. Where did you buy the London phone booth frame?

    • World Market! This was a few years ago, though. I need another post for my new place in San Francisco!

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