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 WHAT is this site about?

A different kind of travel blog. See the world in a way that fits your life and your schedule. The point is to see it at ALL!

Cliff Notes version…

Someone once asked me what I was passionate about.  What are you living, dreaming, and breathing for?

“It’s simple!”  I told them.  I just love to travel, eat good food, and talk to good people.

Their reply: “who doesn’t…”

So, I guess there’s a little more to the story.   Seeing the world, cooking and eating, and taking photos is just half the fun.

That’s where you come in.

Part-Time Traveler is about sharing the journey.  It’s conversation.  It’s connecting others with what I live for.

The blog is divided into four types of content:

Travel // Home // Practical // Personal

Travel contains any and all advice pertaining to taking trips, including my travel writing and best travel tips.

Home consists of topics such as balance, bringing travel home, and tips for San Francisco (my home!)

Practical is designed to help you get on the road. It will take you to the what and how.

Personal will lead you into why, telling stories and sharing my own experiences.

You’ll also find…

City Guides // Itineraries // Food // Recipes // Lifestyle // Photography // Freelance Life // San Francisco

So…what’s a part time traveler, anyways?

The longer version…

I have a love for all things travel.

I live for the buzz of new cities, the chaos of experiencing cultures and cuisines, the rush of booking a ticket somewhere I’ve never been. Nothing gets my heart beating like a fresh passport stamp.

It just so happens I also live for homecooked meals, sleeping next to the same person every night (in my bed), attempting to build a career and having a community to call my own (preferably by the beach.)

I do NOT believe the two have to be mutually exclusive.

RTWers— you may eventually want to stop traveling full-time, wanting to preserve the lessons and the lifestyle that came with travel.  Full-time careerists—you may desire adding some international adventure into your lives, and all the growing and changing that comes with it. I’m living somewhere in the middle and…I like it here!  If you, too, seek this balance—you’ve come to the right place.

I’ve noticed a real gap in travel writing, as the majority of writers in the travel world are either full-time travelers who work remotely, or are planning/executing a Round-the-World Trip (which is awesome!)

But what about those of us who aren’t lives aren’t represented by full-time travel?  The majority of readers, or just the majority of any group of people, are likely working 9-5, dreaming of a trip abroad but confused about how to do it within the confines of their daily responsibilities, whatever they may be.  This doesn’t mean you can’t prioritize international travel on a part-time basis.

I held a full-time, salaried job —but through choosing to prioritize travel and getting creative with getting overseas—I  managed to spend 3-6 weeks per year traveling while getting paid.  You can, too.

I’ll be sharing tips for how to prioritize travel without giving up domestic life.  I’ll also be sharing how to make your life at home a little more adventure-infused.

This is NOT a site for those of you searching to follow someone who travels the world full-time, or if you’re looking for tips or camaraderie on how to quit your job and leave it all behind.  I hope to offer a space that encourages people to see more of the world within the lifestyle they currently hold.   We will also be cooking and eating a lot along the way.

You do not have to be wealthy, single, location-independent, or brave to see the world.                          (Okay, bravery helps a little.)

I want to show you that you CAN travel more than you do now—without making some radical change like quitting your job, moving abroad, or saying goodbye.  (These can all be great things, too, mind you.)  There are many excellent blogs out there that will help you to do so.

Let me be clear, I have nothing against full-time travelers…I’ve spent months abroad and I hope to again.  It’s a fabulous way to live.  Yet I’ve come to realize there are many more of us who *gasp!* do not desire this.

It’s not a race to see the world or a competition to check off your bucket list.  

Everyone’s journey is different.  If yours does not include living life out of a backpack right now, that is okay.

I want to help those of you who may be simply searching for ways to incorporate more travel into your life—perhaps while simultaneously being content with exactly where you are.


Whether you’re looking to inject more travel into your life, or more life into your travels…welcome!


My aim is to help you prioritize seeing the world and feel empowered to travel internationally, even (especially) if you feel limited by 2-4 weeks of vacation time per year. How can I help you?

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