Afternoon Light in San Francisco

Sometimes getting lost is the best thing that happens to us on any given Saturday.

I wasn’t supposed to be exploring The Presidio, the former military outpost and now sprawling urban park in San Francisco.  But when life (or your friend who is driving) takes a wrong turn, it can be for the better.

Now, we’ve established that San Francisco is a (naturally) beautiful place. You’d think I’d have learned not be surprised to turn a corner and be astonished by a beautiful sight.  Yet days of having bizarre things yelled at you in the Tenderloin or consistently being blinded by the rocks on the hands of Marina women can make you forget that nature exists, in full glory, without even having to leave the city.

When I saw these rays of light shining down, I knew I had to photograph them.  It was so much fun to play with the light and the shadows, and as well as the images came out, it is crazy to think that this sight was even more beautiful in person.

The photos are raw and unedited, just as nature is…

Presidio Forest SF1
Presidio Forest SF2
Presidio Forest SF3
Presidio Forest SF7
Presidio Forest SF4

Presidio Forest SF6
Presidio Forest SF8
Presidio Forest SF9

Can you believe this beautiful forest lies in the middle of a major city?

What beautiful natural place might you stumble into in your city, that you might not have already considered?

  •  Where: The Presidio, San Francisco
  • When: Around 4 pm on a sunny Saturday
  • What: Escape the city and walk amongst the trees (without leaving the city.) The Golden Gate Bridge is within short walking distance as well.

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  1. Wow! That is really beautiful, and a gorgeous place to get lost 😀

    • Thanks! It’s fun to shoot the light like this! Getting lost can be very rewarding, right?

  2. Afternoon light… it certainly must have been a delight!

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