One of the greatest ways I keep a connection to my travels is through cooking.  In this new series, “View from My Plate,” I’ll be sharing the encounters with global food that occur both on my travels and in my kitchen.

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Is there anything more French than crêpes? Maybe. They’re called galettes. And I have a savory, buckwheat galettes recipe for you!

Galettes 1

Originating in the Bretagne (Brittany) region by the coast, these savory crêpe-like (but not crêpe!) wonders were only just introduced to me by a French friend in her home kitchen on my last visit to Paris.

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I live to serve my readers!  Seeing as I now have more requests for the recipes behind this photo than I can count on two hands, I figure it’s time I published the recipes from our epic Valentine’s dinner:


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 P  You’re about to gain the knowledge you will need to create…the best pasta salad of your life.  (Not exaggerating.)  But first, some musings on locally and globally inspired food…

As a part time traveler (and full time foodie), I spend hour after hour trying to recreate authentic dishes I discover abroad.  I also seek recipes for cuisine I haven’t had the pleasure of eating yet…as an attempt to experience a part of new culture (and perhaps inspire a trip…dangerous.)  Of course I spend quite a bit of time honoring the local foods I have in my backyard, which, in California, leaves me with a lot of fresh produce to experiment with.  Occasionally, I like to cook something just because it sounds good or reminds me of a place…and therefore, I end up with recipes that are simply inspired by my travels (and yes, somewhat influenced by my cravings.)

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