Best Travel Gifts 2017 (and a few discount codes just for you!)

For those times when a plane ticket is out of your budget…

Just in time for you fellow shopping procrastinators, but good for any time of the year…here are my top picks for the traveler in your life. (Because who doesn’t love stylish travel gifts?)

We all know that experiences > things. But we all need some things. These items all bring me a little bit of joy. I hope they do the same for you.

stylish travel gifts!

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Not long ago we were talking about the gift of travel, and now it’s time to talk gifts for travelers.  My my, how the time flies!

Travelers know the value of experiences over things.  Yet, there are certain things we need (gear, clothes, wireless internet <– kidding, except not) to get us out there on the road. There are also things that make our lives easier as we traverse foreign lands.  Whether for you or for the traveler in your life, I now present…


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A travel DIY project that brings the languages of your trips back home with you.

Now that I’m decorating a new space in San Francisco (yay!) and coming up on the one year anniversary of my best-trip-ever departure date, I am always looking for ways to incorporate my love of travel into my home.

While I’m a fan of maps, globes, and photographs, they can only go so far without being overused in a room.  After some thought, I created a piece that can memorably display any multi-country trip.

language project

Holding up to the light to trace each word by hand.

In the past year, I was fortunate enough to visit sixteen countries —  totaling thirteen different languages spoken.  I continue to treasure many of the traditions and keepsakes I kept consistent with each visit.

One of my favorite things to do in each new country was learn how to speak the bare necessities of the local language: “hello” and “thank you.”  While I always hope to learn more than this, I find these two words to be the most useful in any language on any part of the globe.  (They’re also the two words I can always still remember from each place.)

In the spirit of this tradition, I decided to create a graphic containing the words as written in the language of each country I visited.  As I journeyed across Asia, the Middle East, and Europe…the end result is quite visually interesting, if you ask me!

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Iiiiiiit’s that time of year!  Whether you’re searching for some new items to add to your travel-packed new year, or you simply need an idea for a traveler in your life, I present… (no pun intended)


Gifts for Travelers!

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For years after graduating from school, I lived in furnished apartments with month-to-month leases and didn’t invest time or money into making my home nice, or even “uniquely me.”  I think in large part, this was a subconscious desire to have the ability to leave at any time, to pick up and go without mess, and to not firmly plant roots anywhere.  I was young, wild, and free.

Today, I maintain that I am still young (though getting older), wild (ok, a lot less wild), and just as free.  I have come to understand that creating a home doesn’t lock me in to any one person or place.  And while we should collect memories (and photos), not things…we pick up some items of meaning along the way, and we can incorporate those meaningful pieces into our everyday life at home.  It does make life just that much sweeter with reflections of our travels and personalized decor all around.

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