Been traveling loads in Europe?

Me, too. Here are my freshest finds that reinvigorated the continent for me.

Where to Go, Stay, and Dine 

Croatia, Slovenia, Spain, Italy, France


I promised myself I wouldn’t go to Europe again.

My heart yearns to return to Asia, all the time. I haven’t set foot in South America yet. The only place I have lived in and have seen a lot of is…Europe.


A traveler always has to decide — return to a place they already know they love, or see someplace new?

Yet with a strong dollar and a conference in one of my favorite places in the world, it wasn’t exactly hard to persuade me to reconsider. I was spending a month in Europe: some new places (Croatia, Slovenia) and some classics revisited (Spain, France, Italy.) Truth be told, my heart skips a beat every time I think about traveling in Europe. Though I know I need to venture out to see more of the world, it can be difficult to repeatedly resist Europe’s charms…

You all asked, and so I sat down to recap the best eats, stays, views, and experiences (that’s almost all the senses.) While I’ll be writing about many of these in more detail, I thought it might be helpful to have a list of everything all together.

I’ve narrowed it down to a (*cough, short*) list.  It might seem like a random collection of recommendations, but I’m confident it will send some of you off to some of the best experiences in the world.

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I hadn’t even heard of Costa Brava when I signed up to live in Barcelona for six months.

I was a college student and I remember feeling unsure of whether I should go. What about the football games I’d miss, my boyfriend on another continent? (What a silly child I was — always book the ticket and just go.) Yet once I made the decision I began to tell everyone I knew about where I was going.

That summer I’d been working in the kitchen at the golf course near my parent’s house. The chef happened to be from Spain. I had forgotten this fact when I sputtered around asking for extra shifts (I’d need the money for Barcelona, after all.)

This chef called me into his office (uh oh.) What had I done wrong?

He reached into a wooden drawer full of pens. I panicked, thinking there would be no other reason to summon me out of the kitchen unless I was in trouble.

Instead I saw him begin to sketch what later resembled the coastline of Spain. “Oh, it’s Spain!” I shouted as I realized.

“This is not Spain, Anne. It is Catalunya. Very big difference,” he told me. I hadn’t even gotten there yet, and I already had so very much to learn.

Costa Brava coastline

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The latest in the city black + white series is a city I’m proud to say I’ve lived in (as a student.)

There is something so progressive and modern about Barcelona.  There is also something timeless.  May this photographic journey honor both sides of one of the world’s greatest cities.

Barcelona Text

Barcelona in Black and White

Parc Guell - Barcelona in Black and White

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