Let’s talk New Zealand! I’ve gotten a few requests from readers (love getting these!) for my New Zealand itinerary.  While I’m certainly no expert, I did spend three weeks driving what was essentially the entirety of the country.  I did talk with a lot of Kiwis (as will anyone who travels there, they’re the nicest people on Earth!)  So with a little bit of research and a bit more of experience, may I present….

Two Weeks In New Zealand

I’ll start with two weeks, because if you are indeed a part-time traveler as I am, that may be the most that you can gather to be there in one trip.  I will also include a more comfortable three-week itinerary–which is close to the one I followed–as well as a longer 4 week one to accommodate a few other schedules. Please note: two weeks is the absolute minimum I would plan in New Zealand.  Though fast-paced, it can be done, and you can see a lot of the highlights.  It depends on your preferred speed of travel; I know some people would prefer to just see the North Island and come back a separate time to see the South.  Others have shared they may never return to New Zealand, so they want to see what they can in the time they are there.  I can’t recommend enough that you extend your time to 3-4 weeks here if possible.

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Watch the full video  (including how they get you down!) here.


If you would have asked me five, ten years, or even one year ago if I would ever jump off of a bridge in New Zealand, or really any bridge, I would have given you a “look” and politely asked you to get your head checked.

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Immensely enjoying all the treats of New Zealand! Wrapping up my first week here, and wifi is harder to come by than I had imagined! I’m sitting in pub in Wellington with exceptionally good Internet, so I’m taking the opportunity to share a few photos with you.

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