Ever have that feeling of connectedness to a place, and you can’t explain why?

I only spent a few days passing through Pushkar while in Rajasthan last summer.  For some reason, this town has really stuck with me.  I find myself thinking about it without cause.

There is a commonly cited travel quote which says: “One’s destination is never a place, but a new way of seeing things.”  This only begins to encompass why India is my favorite country to travel in…

As traveling has made me more connected to my intuition – and more likely to listen to my own inner voice – I intend to someday return to Pushkar to explore this feeling further. For now, go there with me on a photographic journey….

Take Me To letters

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The latest in the city black + white series is a city I’m proud to say I’ve lived in (as a student.)

There is something so progressive and modern about Barcelona.  There is also something timeless.  May this photographic journey honor both sides of one of the world’s greatest cities.

Barcelona Text

Barcelona in Black and White

Parc Guell - Barcelona in Black and White

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I haven’t shared much about it on PTT, but I went through a bit of a rough spot in my personal life post-traveling — as we all do in periods of change and transition.  This went beyond the normal reverse culture shock/reintegration blues I have come to expect after spending time abroad.

I’m lucky to have had such an incredible place to retreat to — to pause, reflect, and bounce back.  I spent a lot of time with family in the mountains surrounding Lake Tahoe.  After identifying why traveling makes me so happy, I picked up hiking and immersed myself in being outside, soaking up nature.  It was rejuvenating, harmonious, lovely.  I am forever grateful.

Now that I am back to being based in Northern California, it seems that Tahoe is everyone’s favorite spot to retreat to.  If people aren’t talking about the city, they’re talking about escaping to Tahoe.

Despite its ubiquitous popularity here, the lake and these mountains will always hold a separate, special place in my heart.

So when friends of mine asked me to participate in a blog series called “Show Us,” a behind-the-scenes look at something from our lives, I knew where I wanted to take you:

hiking lake tahoe Five Lakes Trail - Tahoe Mount Rose Sunset, Nevada

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You all know I love color.  Yet there is something fitting about Paris in black and white.  And so continues our exploration of favorite places in these two shades…

Latin Quarter

Place des Vosges

View from rooftop

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Part of my preserving travel memories is going through my photos at home from time to time.

Lately I have been missing some of my favorite cities, and I’ve enjoyed reliving a walk through a city’s streets in black and white.  Those of you who know my photos know I’m a huge fan of color — that’s why it’s sometimes nice to revisit a place without it.

What place is more fitting to begin a journey in black and white than the eternal city of Rome?

Take a stroll with me…then help me decide which city we should visit next.

Rome in Black and White:

Rome text Castel Sant'Angelo Rome

Black and white Rome

Rome black and white

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