Most people move to San Francisco for a job, for a friend, for the natural beauty.  Others (*ahem*) move to the city in pursuit of one of the U.S.’s most vibrant food scenes.

Just when you think you’re getting somewhere with your SF restaurant list (and don’t even get me started on all the additional food pilgrimages that need to take place in the surrounding Bay Area,) fifteen of your new favorite restaurants decide to open up (twelve to be exact.)
And then you’re left with the age old dilemma of: do I go back to my favorite spot (or, if you’re feeling particularly lazy, the favorite spot within a few blocks walk from your couch) OR do I venture out?  Will the trek to this or that neighborhood, or outside of my food comfort zone, pay off in the form of delighted taste buds?

To add to this ever-present challenge, here are a few more to add to your ever-growing list of SF eats.  All of them opened in the last six months, and a few in the last few weeks.


Brenda’s Meat and Three

Cuisine: New Orleans inspired/Southern
Neighborhood: NoPa (Alamo Square)
Story: Get Southern style meat and three sides (hence the name) from the genius folks behind Brenda’s French Soul Food. And, they served brunch here too. Don’t say you weren’t warned.
Difficulty level: Low to medium. During busy restaurant hours you’ll likely wait (just like Brenda’s for brunch) but you’ll get in eventually!  (I’m going to try going for lunch first.)
What To Try: It’s hard to go wrong with po’ boys. And I’m pretty excited about the Little Gem and Fried Oysters Salad. Also, biscuits. Also, fried chicken.

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Also known as: scouring your new home for noodles that closely resemble your favorite foods from traveling.

You know what’s boring?

Hearing about someone else’s food tour, seeing the photos, and not being able to eat the food yourself.  It’s why I can’t watch the Food Network when I’m hungry.

So, instead I’m going to tell you what’s not boring: Oakland.

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“New Orleans is unlike any city in America. Its cultural diversity is woven into the food, the music, the architecture – even the local superstitions. It’s a sensory experience on all levels and there’s a story lurking around every corner.” 

Hey, you!  Listen.

What’s that sound?

Is it:

a) a light jazz band playing soulfully in the streets

b) you, weeping because NOLA food is so amazing and you’re not there right now

or c) my stomach growling

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If I told you that food wasn’t one of the primary reasons I wanted to move to San Francisco, that would be a big, fat LIE.

Ever since I knew I would be calling the city my full-time home, I’ve been collecting food and drink tips from anyone and everyone.  I’m not really sure where half these recommendations originated, but I know that my list is solid — and still growing.

I wanted to share the list with you here, half un-selfishly and half selfishly (full disclosure.)

First, I hope it will serve as a San Francisco food resource — for those of you traveling to the city, and even for some of you who live here.  I am only going to continue to update and add to it.  You have my commitment that I will be feverishly testing out these fine establishments, in the interest of serving my readers.  (I love my job.)

Second, I hope that you will help me continue to discover the pockets of culinary amazingness and everything else this grand city has to offer.  (That’s my plea for your suggestions.)

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I had no idea how hard I would fall for Seattle.  It’s like a breath of fresh air (literally.)

I had an idea that it was a city worth visiting, but I had no idea how much I would enjoy the streets, the people, and most of all—the FOOD scene.

Once I knew I’d be visiting Seattle for business–and staying for pleasure–I immediately reached out to my network of Seattle-ites, travelers, and foodie friends for recommendations.  I was blown away by the outpour of responses and enthusiasm for Seattle food establishments (this is the beauty of Twitter, people!)  I left for the city with a long list, some decisions to make, and an empty stomach.

What follows is what I discovered, on what my brother lovingly deemed as my “food-caytion” to Seattle.

market with clouds

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