Celebrating International Women’s Day: Part Two

The Photos

I wanted to share photographs of some of the inspiring, beautiful women and girls I’ve had the pleasure of meeting during my travels.

Looking at each of these reminds me that as women we face so many of the same challenges—but also so many different ones—often just depending on where we happen to be born into this world.

May their smiles and their stories inspire you as they have me, and encourage you to be a strong, caring and independent woman — wherever in the world you are.


int'l women's day - 01

School girl in Kathmandu, Nepal

int'l women's day - 07

This woman, who was living at the school I taught at in Delhi, greeted everyone who crossed her path with a smile and a “namaste.”

int'l women's day - 02

Mother and daughter, Bhaktapur, Nepal


int'l women's day - 09

Women in the garden – Jaipur, India

int'l women's day - 03

Mother and daughter – Sauraha, Nepal

int'l women's day - 08

I had the opportunity to visit a nursery school in a large Delhi slum one day. This young girl was FIERCE.

int'l women's day - 04

A beyond inspiring woman – the leader of my volunteer organization in India, and one of the founders of a worldwide international volunteering group.

int'l women's day - 06

Hard at work while the children are at school (in my class.)

int'l women's day - 15

I can see the whole world reflected in this little girl’s eyes…can you?

int'l women's day - 05

Requests for pictures of me turn into requests for pictures of them — and more often than not, a new friendship 🙂

int'l women's day - 11

Two sisters and a son – Agra, India


int'l women's day - 13

Three generations, Red Fort – New Delhi, India

int'l women's day - 12

Laughter in the school lunch line.

int'l women's day - 10

Agra Fort – Agra, India


int'l women's day - 14

New Delhi, India



int'l women's day - 18

This was my little girl – so hungry for love and affection. She would wait for me by the gate of the school every morning. I would pick her up and spin her around until she laughed and laughed, but she cried every time I put her down.

 Last Friday was International Women’s Day, and I wrote about it here.

Please note, if you are interested, I’ve included some links there to some additional information about global women’s rights and education at the end of the post. Thank you for reading!


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