Gift Ideas for the Part-Time Traveler

Not long ago we were talking about the gift of travel, and now it’s time to talk gifts for travelers.  My my, how the time flies!

Travelers know the value of experiences over things.  Yet, there are certain things we need (gear, clothes, wireless internet <– kidding, except not) to get us out there on the road. There are also things that make our lives easier as we traverse foreign lands.  Whether for you or for the traveler in your life, I now present…


Check out this year’s picks! Descriptions below:

 Fancy Notebook

Move aside, Moleskine! (Just kidding, I still love you.)  But this leather beauty will step up your journaling game.  It’s got the functionality to add whatever sections your life or your schedule needs, but it’s beautifully crafted and exceptionally simple.

Traveler’s Notebook Brown Leather

Why for part-time travelers:: Because we understand that our travels only last as long as the memories and the lessons we learn and take notes of along the way. And it’s about time you treated yourself to something other than napkins or lined notebooks.


 Travel Clothes

A good friend of mine with whom I’ve spent several months traveling with, we have this joke about her “travel shirt.” Really, any of our “travel clothes.” They’re highly functional, with zippers and breathable fabric right where you want ’em…but it’s almost embarrassing to be seen in them.

Well folks, I finally found “travel clothes” that I actually want to wear.  I’ve been a fan of ExOfficio for years, and they only get more stylish with time.  These are a few of my favorites for women:

For colder weather (I’m looking at you, San Franciscans) Exofficio Women’s Calluna Fleece Hoody
For sunny travel days: ExOfficio Women’s Sol Cool Ultimate Hoody

Why for part-time travelers:: you’ve just invested in clothes that are both quality and functional for travel, yet stylish enough to wear when you’re at home and not traveling. Win!


Travel Underwear!

While you won’t catch me modeling these (tee hee) you can rest assured I wear them. Often.  Four pairs of these babies were my saving grace traveling through sixteen countries last year.  I only wish the ones I had then looked more like these:

ExOfficio Women’s Give-N-Go Lacy Thong

Why for part-time travelers:: Only pack a few pairs of underwear and know you can wash them daily as needed?  And they’re not ugly?  Sign me up.  Trust me, a good pair of travel underwear will change your life. (Dudes, there are boxers for you too — but they’re not as pretty.)


 Travel Router/Wifi Extender

The last thing I need when I’m traveling (disclaimer: addicted to wifi) is a less-than-desirable or secure Internet connection. While I’m a huge advocate of putting down the phone/laptop, especially when on the road — sometimes a good connection is a girl (or guy!)’s best friend.  This handy little device is small, light, and convenient (the three requirements to make it into my bag) and it does a few things that improve your experience on the Interwebs (and possibly save you lots of time and frustration.)  You can share one connection across multiple devices, you can create firewall protection in public hotspots, or you can increase the range of that one connection in your hostel. No more sitting in the hall just to get a signal. That’s a gift, if I ever heard of one.

NETGEAR Trek N300 Travel Router and Range Extender 

Why for part-time travelers:: As much as we like to unplug, sometimes prioritizing travel means doing a little bit of work remotely. I don’t know about you, but I can’t get jack done if I don’t have a (reliable) Internet connection.  Or, there’s always the impulse to Instagram that you’re now able to fulfill.


Portable Power Bank

Yet another enabler of my addiction to electronics…but let’s be real.  My phone is my flashlight, my camera, and my link to the people at home that I love and emergency services.  If you don’t get small battery percentage related heart attacks, feel free not to add this to your list.  Also, who are you.

Fancy Option (Mophie)

Basic Option

Why for part-time travelers: limited time = maximum need for power, when you don’t have time to seek a replacement or go without.


Remote Shutter Release and/or Travel Tripod

If you like to have pictures of your travels, but you hate to be that person who asks unsuspecting bystanders to take your photo (and let’s face it, how often are those good photos?)…this is going to be a game changer for you or the traveler in your life.  Easy to use and so much better than a self-timer…for those moments you want to be able to capture without the viewfinder pressed to your face.  I only wonder…why didn’t I get one of these sooner?

Wireless Remote Controller for Canon Digital SLR Cameras

Lightweight Travel Tripod with Bag

Why for the part-time travelers: because solo travel is amazing, selfies without remotes are sooo 2014, and because you (and your mother) will thank me later when you have amazing photos of you all in those places you’re going to go.


Corkboard Map

So I’ve seen my share of scratch off maps (there’s one hanging in my hallway) but this year it’s all about the cork board map.  You could hang photos, notes, bucket lists…pin them into their relevant geographic location…the possibilities are endless.  Bonus: it looks cool on the wall.

Corkboard Adhesive Map

Why for part-time travelers: We have home bases, and we need a place to dream of our past trips or plan our next.  Guaranteed to keep you travel inspired.


Chalkboard Globe

If you weren’t into the cork board map (and you should be,) you can’t possibly resist a chalkboard globe.  Sure, you could chalkboard paint an old globe, but as a gift it’s hard to beat giving this.

Chalkboard Globe

Why for the part-time traveler: decorate your home with your travel spirit and reflect your interests in a cool, interesting way.


Give the Gift of Giving

(that’s a lot of gives)

Some of the best gifts I’ve ever received were charitable donations given on my behalf. If you believe the traveler you’re shopping for might prefer the gift of giving, here are two I can’t recommend enough:

Room to Read : world change starts with educated children. (YES.)  Matching donations through 12/31, so gifts are twice as impactful. Option to send holiday e-card with gift.

Kiva: micro-loans to help someone in another country change their life. Customizable in that the receiver can browse the site for a borrower that speaks to them.

Why for part-time travelers: perhaps you’ve spent some time volunteering in another country, or are aware of how much a little money from the right source can help others out.


Know someone who could use some gift ideas for travelers? Send this along!

Wishing you all fun and fabulous holidays, whether at home or out traveling the globe.  The greatest gift for me is you reading this little ol’ blog (awww. No, but really.)

exofficio jacket

Happy Holidays from this travel clothes-wearing fool!
Remember, experiences > things!

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  1. Travel thongs haha.. so creative 😀

    • Right? Travel underwear really does change lives. I speak from experience. You’ll never go back! 😀

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