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I haven’t shared much about it on PTT, but I went through a bit of a rough spot in my personal life post-traveling — as we all do in periods of change and transition.  This went beyond the normal reverse culture shock/reintegration blues I have come to expect after spending time abroad.

I’m lucky to have had such an incredible place to retreat to — to pause, reflect, and bounce back.  I spent a lot of time with family in the mountains surrounding Lake Tahoe.  After identifying why traveling makes me so happy, I picked up hiking and immersed myself in being outside, soaking up nature.  It was rejuvenating, harmonious, lovely.  I am forever grateful.

Now that I am back to being based in Northern California, it seems that Tahoe is everyone’s favorite spot to retreat to.  If people aren’t talking about the city, they’re talking about escaping to Tahoe.

Despite its ubiquitous popularity here, the lake and these mountains will always hold a separate, special place in my heart.

So when friends of mine asked me to participate in a blog series called “Show Us,” a behind-the-scenes look at something from our lives, I knew where I wanted to take you:

hiking lake tahoe Five Lakes Trail - Tahoe Mount Rose Sunset, Nevada Sunset sky in Nevada Red sunset in the white snow, Nevada, USA Sunrise Nevada sky Hiking Lake Tahoe Snow on beach, Lake Tahoe Lake Tahoe forest reflection Lake Tahoe forest reflection Snow on Lake Tahoe Winter at Lake Tahoe Sunset at Crystal Bay overlook, Incline Village NV Incline Village, NV North Lake Tahoe sunset Lake Tahoe golden hourNorth Lake Tahoe sunsetNorth Lake Tahoe sunset Sunset at Mount Rose

I have so much Lake Tahoe photography…it’s just so photogenic!

“The harder you slam a ball down, the higher it bounces back up.”  Thank you to my family and to the mountains for giving me a soft landing place.

“Leap and the net will appear” – huge thanks to an extraordinary group of women (and a testament to friendships that originate online!)

(All photos taken with iPhone 5s camera.  If you follow me on Instagram, a few may look familiar :))

And remember…beauty and adventure aren’t always so far away.

Do you have a place that instantly calms you?  Where do you go when you need a retreat?


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  1. So gorgeous! I can see why it’s one of your favorite places. Amazing. My “instant calm” is anywhere near water.

    • Water can definitely have that effect, can’t it? Sometimes changing our mood is as simple as changing our scenery!

  2. Those skies! Wow. That looks like a wonderful place to retreat to…especially with friends and family. Just lovely.

  3. Tahoe looks stunning! So glad you have such a glorious place to retreat too.

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