Slowing Down in South Carolina

Ever just feel drawn to a place?

I’ve been wanting to see Charleston for what feels like ages now. With many trips to the South in the past few years, I became more curious about the tree-lined paths and the warm, seaside air of South Carolina. Both sides of my family lived there at one point, and I was beginning to understand just how different parts of the United States can be away from my comfortable bubble in Northern California.

One of my best girlfriends here in San Francisco grew up spending summers on Myrtle Beach. I’d heard stories from my dad about his childhood summers there. And while I’m no Southerner, I’m certainly a beach girl.

Charleston pink buildings
When we toyed with taking a long weekend there to relax, I jumped at the chance to go. Both she and I desperately needed a break from the energy of the city and stresses of our careers. We could unwind at the beach, she said, and take a day trip down the coast to see the charms of Charleston. (Sold!)

With eye masks and neck pillows in tow, we hopped on a red-eye flight to Atlanta to make the most of the long travel time for our short visit. We made further use of the flight with Delta’s new Free In-Flight Entertainment, which is included (free of charge) on all of their flights. It seems like less and less is complimentary in the air these days, so we were pleased to find hundreds of options available (with surprisingly fast streaming) on our own devices via the GoGo Entertainment app.


Delta In Flight Entertainment

You can even connect and stream on your phone (for free!)

Delta In Flight Entertainment

I tend to try and write on planes, but the point of this trip was to take a true vacation, turn off my brain — and that meant watching a chick flick or two (it just does.)

Delta In Flight Entertainment

Below are the things I found most rejuvenating about an escape to the other side of the country:

Slow pace.

From the moment the warm air hit my face, the sound of the cicadas chirping, the sight of trees slouching, and the feel of rain lightly dotting my skin beckoned me to slow down. I found this feeling replicated in my surroundings. People weren’t trying to hassle me or hustle me. Cars drive slower, people stroll when they walk, even speak slower. I once wrote that New York speeds me up; the South slows me down. I found great comfort in softening the edges around my days, letting moments stretch and time crawl — if only for a few days.

Husk Restaurant, Charleston

Warm waters.

I’m a Pacific Ocean gal. I couldn’t have told you what the Atlantic felt like last week. Now I know, it’s much…warmer.

We swam in the sea in sun, rain, and moonlight. I breathed deeply to inhale salty air, crunching sand under my curled feet and feeling the pull of the tide as it whirled back out to sea. At times it felt warmer to be in the water than out of it — something I’ve never known in all my wetsuit days as a California girl. We marveled at the eclipse and even moonbathed (like sunbathing, but under the moon!) I enjoyed it immensely.

North Myrtle Beach umbrella

Off-season in North Myrtle Beach.

Porch/veranda/piazza culture.

I didn’t know the difference between porches, verandas, and piazzas (and kind of still don’t, even after lengthy explanation.) All I know is that they are lovely, and I want to spend more time on them. Perhaps it’s because you can feel the breeze or hear the rain from the comfort of what feels like your living room, or maybe it’s just because that’s where I slowed down the most.

Myrtle Beach house

No frills.

And honestly, low prices.

I’ve gotten so used to exorbitance living in San Francisco, often scratching my head and squinting to make sure I’m reading prices correctly (it costs what?)…that I felt like the world opened up a bit for me in another state. Craving an oyster? 55 cents. Fancy a cocktail? That’ll be $3.50. Fill up your gas tank? $16. (Whaaat.)

Charleston was particularly elegant, and there’s no denying that. But just as things were slower, they were simpler. Travel doesn’t always mean culture shock or sticker shock. Sometimes, it’s just a slightly different way of living daily life that takes us out of our element and helps us reconsider the small things.

Charleston Literary Society

Friendly faces.

I’ve never felt as if California was lacking in friendliness, but I knew about Southern hospitality and I now can say I’ve experienced it. For many life seems soft, slow, and sweet. I need a little more of that in my life.

King Street, Charleston

From dollar beers and divey seafood bars, to strutting along King Street and hearing rain softly dance on the roof of our carriage ride in Charleston, we had found a different way of living — even if just for a weekend.

When the plane touched down in San Francisco, there were tears in my eyes. And while I loved South Carolina, and was quite happy to arrive home in SF, neither was the reason the two grown men on either side of me inquired as to my well-being. I had simply finished watching the film Me Before You, with the main character sitting in a Paris cafe and me mentally planning my next trip to Charleston while feeling all the feels.

Delta In Flight Entertainment


Take it from me — a change of place (and maybe, a chance of pace) is good for the soul. Eat the fried chicken. Dance under the full moon. Listen intently to the ghost stories. Drink the bourbon, take the trip. If you find yourself driving ridiculously around a beach town in a golf cart, laugh. And on the plane, remember: save the tearjerkers for your home theater.

Delta In Flight Entertainment

Thanks to Delta Airlines for sending us to the other side of the country, to my friend Bri for sharing her photo skills and beach house, and to you for supporting the brands that make Part-Time Traveler possible!


Charleston One Door

Until next time, South Carolina…

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  1. Lived in Charleston at 17 east batter for three years and loves it. I know live in Marin. I’ve been here for three years. The difference is night and day. But my heart is in Charleston.

    Good read!

    • Anne Lowrey

      Two different coasts, two different worlds at times! I loved it there, but my heart is here. I can see how easy it would be for your heart to be, too. What a beautiful place. I can’t wait to go back, and I hope you get to visit again soon too! Thanks for reading.

  2. Dear god, your pictures are so beautiful. I’ve always wanted to do a joint trip to Charleston and Savannah. Must get to South Carolina now!

    • Anne Lowrey

      Ahh that was my intention as well – was so close to Savannah! But we opted for the beach instead 🙂
      Glad you liked the photos! It’s such a beautiful place.

  3. Jane krupica

    Your article about your travels to Charleston was truly amazing! I can just picture in my mind everything you described! Love the Southern charm and laid back lifestyle. Can’t wait to read more articles! Great job and loved the pictures too!

    • Anne Lowrey

      Thanks, Jane! It’s such a special place!! I’m so glad you enjoyed 🙂

  4. We Germans seek to understand the value of this “slowing down of life”. We have established 28.8 hour workweeks and have seen our productivity driven up by 20%.

  5. Julianne

    Cocktails for $3.50?? Yes please 🙂 Hoping to go to Charleston this year, so love the tips!


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