Gifts for Travelers 2016

For those times when a plane ticket is out of your budget…

Just in time for you fellow shopping procrastinators, but good for any time of the year…here are my top picks for the traveler in your life.

We all know that experiences > things. But we all need some things. These items all bring me a little bit of joy. I hope they do the same for you.

stylish travel gifts!


  • Mapiful << these are beautiful…can I have five?
  • French Words boutique << for the Francophile in your life.
  • Food Maps << from Jodi of Legal Nomads.

They pack up small, and they are a great way to inspire the walls at home with a favorite place abroad.

City-Themed Anything

Really, just anything that shows their favorite city but is subtle and stylish. Just search for the city + shirt/pillow/print for more options.

Destination Cookbooks

I don’t know that many people who love to travel who don’t also love to eat. Two birds, meet one stone.

Flight Care Package

The idea is to give a little bit of luxury. Make them feel first class, even if they aren’t sitting up there.
Some ideas of what to put in it…

And if you’re feeling super generous, throw in a little travel-sized hand sanitizer. You’ll make somebody’s day.

Travel Accessories That Win

And win people over. (These are for the ladies. Sorry, can’t stop the pretty.)

Because if all else fails, you can never go too wrong with a beautiful passport cover or luggage tag.

Update: I just found this globe-shaped wine decanter. Win.

If the person you’re giving it to doesn’t yet have a mobile charging device, you just became their new favorite person.

Happy Holidays <3 And remember guys! It’s not about the things. Being present with someone is the best possible present.

Plane tickets still don’t hurt, though.


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  1. I love all of these! Especially those passport covers <3

  2. For the female traveller I would suggest the bravebetty travel bra

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