As we read round-up after round-up of the past year, it’s natural to reflect on our own year and ponder its moments, its lessons, its greatest hits.

The most fun I’ve had in ages? Recapping 2014 and realizing it was a year that, yes, of many adventures in travel…but perhaps the greater theme of the year is the meals those travels took me to.

Now perhaps this makes me strange, but if there’s one thing I’ve learned this year it’s that you can’t go wrong staying true to your authentic self (yes, even on the Internet.)  So while you may reminisce about milestones, achievements, or journeys — I can’t help but sum up my year with the meals that shaped it.

It very well may be that many of my personal journeys revolve around food — like my resolve to choose a destination and do little more than eat and drink there (as I did in New Orleans this year,) or my decision to create a home base in San Francisco (  Or maybe it’s just that food, more than the meal itself, marks moments of true joy shared with others, and of experiences that flawlessly reflect a specific time and place.  Have you ever felt this way about truly great meals?

Without further adieu…the 14 best meals of 2014.

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That’s the thing about part-time travel: we strive to look at the world with the same eyes we do when we’re traveling — and sometimes this means making time to wander your own city.

I’ve begun setting aside time in my day for nothing but wandering.  Walking outdoors is almost always where my best ideas come from (and bonus: I love walking around appreciating San Francisco and sometimes, even taking pictures as I do so.)

Today was like any other day — I walked the twenty or so minutes to my yoga class midday.  Except that the world lost a beautiful soul this week, and in a particularly tragic way.  People’s response was overwhelming.

Now, I have mixed emotions about grieving for a person you’ve never actually met.  I have my own opinions about our celebrity-obsessed culture.  But as I walked home today and heard the rustling of a crowd nearby, I followed my curiosity straight to a group of strangers mourning the loss of an icon — and I’m so glad I did.

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If I told you that food wasn’t one of the primary reasons I wanted to move to San Francisco, that would be a big, fat LIE.

Ever since I knew I would be calling the city my full-time home, I’ve been collecting food and drink tips from anyone and everyone.  I’m not really sure where half these recommendations originated, but I know that my list is solid — and still growing.

I wanted to share the list with you here, half un-selfishly and half selfishly (full disclosure.)

First, I hope it will serve as a San Francisco food resource — for those of you traveling to the city, and even for some of you who live here.  I am only going to continue to update and add to it.  You have my commitment that I will be feverishly testing out these fine establishments, in the interest of serving my readers.  (I love my job.)

Second, I hope that you will help me continue to discover the pockets of culinary amazingness and everything else this grand city has to offer.  (That’s my plea for your suggestions.)

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