Ah, the elusive travel question: how do you find cheap flights?

I realize that there is a plethora of travel advice attempting to address just this, but seeing as it remains one of your most frequently asked questions I wanted to write about how I find the flights that I do (on a writer’s budget, no less!)

For the first time in recent memory, the availability of inexpensive flights (particularly from the expensive city in which I live!) continues to surprise and delight me! When I think back to what I used to pay for certain routes (i.e. SFO >> London, which I wil be flying next week!) I am amazed at how much more manageable it has become to fly, particularly to Asia and Europe. Even if you aren’t based in a city with a major aviation hub, there are more deals than ever (random as they may be.)

What does this mean, exactly? ….We should all be traveling more!

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Where does one go to find the best bookstores in San Francisco?

It’s no secret that I’m a huge book nerd. My ideal afternoon includes prancing around foreign cities in search of the best libraries and bookstores. Yet in just over two years in San Francisco I’ve gotten to know my local bookstores — and they’ve become some of my favorites in the whole world.

In honor of #NationalBookLoversDay this week (which I am celebrating fully,) here is a list of what I consider to be the best bookstores in San Francisco.

best san francisco bookstores.

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To connect, or not to connect? That is the question.

In my ideal world, the word ‘connect’ would simply pertain to interactions between people, in real life. Especially because as a freelancer and a writer, I spend a lot of time on my own. I’ve become quite used to keeping my own company, to being completely independent, and as such, doing things my own way.

Yet I’m undoubtedly an extrovert. I get my energy from being around others. I welcome the chance to collaborate as often as possible, and that often means traveling with others. Traveling (or even sometimes eating dinner) with others lately has illuminated just how much the phrase “seeking connection” has shifted, in as little as the past few years.

More and more the word ‘connect’ means to the Internet — to our Twitter accounts, our Snapchat memories, our Facebook overshares, the ol’ email ball and chain. I’ve often said I have a love/hate relationship with social media. Lately I’ve been questioning the amount of time we spend documenting our lives versus simply enjoying them.

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As I approach this time of year, I find myself reminiscing about holidays past.

Most of those memories involve Christmas traditions with my family, wrapping gifts, eating far too many sugar cookies.

Some of those memories, however, include drinking hot cocoa on the Eiffel Tower, picking up fruit and cheese from a local market for Christmas dinner, or flying to Australia on Christmas day.

Yep.  I’ve traded in some of my annual holiday pastimes and trips to my childhood home in for traveling.


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How does a part-time traveler who only has experience packing for weeks at a time pack for months on the road?

I realize that this post has been written over and over again, and quite well, by practically every traveler online.  I’m still going to write it.

Tips From the Road

Why?  Well, I still get questions about it.  More than that, when I went to pack I drew collectively from several different lists and ideas to create a ‘pack that worked for me.

So — take what works for you, and leave the rest.  Or, follow my list to a tee.  I’m proud to say it worked out quite well for me.

Plus, there’s a pretty sweet packing list download at the bottom of the post — if you’re like me and you need something visual/printed on paper to refer to.

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