Il Viandante // The Vagabond


“To know life means to know how to move among uncertainties wherever they might take you…”Il Viandante

I found these words in a gallery window while perusing the Umbrian hillside town of Orvieto, on my last trip to Italy.

Never have I come across something random, yet so fitting for the very moment I was in.

Travel (and Italy) teaches us to slow down — to recognize each moment — to experience each minute.  For me, to travel is to live fully.  It is to awaken the senses, to confront the quiet truths, to engage with the world we live in.

View from Orvieto

“Life is an unknown phenomenon…”

Umbrian countryside


Orvieto, Umbria, Italy

It means to become a traveler, and to live it! // Significa diventare un viandante e viverla!


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  1. Trees Rotteveel

    What a beautiful nature in these photos!

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