My San Francisco Food List

If I told you that food wasn’t one of the primary reasons I wanted to move to San Francisco, that would be a big, fat LIE.

Ever since I knew I would be calling the city my full-time home, I’ve been collecting food and drink tips from anyone and everyone.  I’m not really sure where half these recommendations originated, but I know that my list is solid — and still growing.

I wanted to share the list with you here, half un-selfishly and half selfishly (full disclosure.)

First, I hope it will serve as a San Francisco food resource — for those of you traveling to the city, and even for some of you who live here.  I am only going to continue to update and add to it.  You have my commitment that I will be feverishly testing out these fine establishments, in the interest of serving my readers.  (I love my job.)

Second, I hope that you will help me continue to discover the pockets of culinary amazingness and everything else this grand city has to offer.  (That’s my plea for your suggestions.)

I have compiled the list on Foursquare.  (Beware, the list just topped 125 places.) Here’s the link:


>> The Part-Time Traveler San Francisco Food List

Foodie spots on this list range from street food and food trucks to fine dining.  San Francisco is as rich in one as it is in the other.

Each spot has been recommended by at least two different sources that I trust.  So while I have only just begun to work my own way through the list, I am confident in its value.  I can’t wait for you to help me make it even better!

bahn mi san francisco

Bahn mi! Bahn mi!

San Francisco Food Roundup, So Far (as of March 2014:)

  • Saigon Sandwich: Bahn mi. YES. Best one I’ve had outside of Vietnam….
  • Blue Bottle Coffee: The stuff of legends, lives up to its reputation. I always begin with a simple, classic coffee, so there’s much left to sample here.
  • Katana-Ya: The first of what is bound to be many ramen stops, many claim this to be the best. I enjoyed.
  • Ferry Building: A foodie hub, not to be missed.  I’ve only taken in the sights and aromas, coupled with a Cowgirl Creamery grilled cheese so far.  I can’t wait to visit again.  Plus, there’s the whole farmers market thing.
  • Jane: A well-reviewed cafe in my neighborhood — I sampled their coffee and a savory scone complete with crispy cheese on the edge.  Will be back.
  • Tony’s Pizza Napoletana: I’m always on the lookout for pizza that even attempts to tiptoe up to the real Italian deal, and this spot in North Beach is definitely aiming for that.  I have to start with the Margherita of course, but once again the journey into this menu has only just begun.  I’ll report back once we’ve become better acquainted.

Places I’m Most Excited To Try:

  • Swan Oyster Depot: Raved about, right by my house, seafood.  YES.
  • Dosa: …because I’m obsessed with dosas.  And I need some Indian food in my life…yesterday.
  • Burma Superstar: What?  I can actually find Burmese food in America?  And it’s one of everyone’s favorite restaurants?
  • Brenda’s French Soul Food: You had me at French.  No you had me at soul.  Ok, you had me at food.
  • Yank Sing: Oh yes, I’m also obsessed with dim sum.  Ten points to whomever can find me the best xiao long bao in the city.
  • Taqueria El Farolito: Let’s be honest, the one thing I’ll miss most about Southern California is my taco joints. Plus, this place claims to have the best burrito in America.  That puts it right at the top of the list.

Special thanks to the PTT Facebook community for their help in compiling this initial list!

Help me! I want the good, bad, and the tasty of your food experiences in San Francisco.  Tweet me!

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  1. Oh man, I went to San Francisco for a weekend trip once – basically just for food. The name escapes me, but there’s a great Puerto Rican restaurant right near the corner at Haight & Ashbury… down one of the streets a bit. I had an incredible pork dish and washed it down with watermelon beer – amazing!

    • That sounds tasty! I will let you know if I find this Puerto Rican place! It’s quite a foodie city, isn’t it? 🙂

  2. Love the list!

    Some of my favorites are the chilaquiles (or really anything) from Primavera at the Ferry Building, but only on Saturdays, happy hour wine flights and cheese boards at Amelie on Polk Street, handmade pasta at SPQR, salted caramels at Hooker’s Sweet Treats (or Sightglass), and Miette’s chocolate sables. And, my favorite taqueria so far is Taqueria Cancun in the Mission. Carnitas!

    I’d be lying too if I didn’t admit that food was one of the reasons I moved here too!

    • Thanks for adding to the list, Angela! I LOVE chilaquiles. Amelie was one of the first places I ever went in the city! Can’t wait to try the rest. Cheers!

  3. Hi Anne,

    Sahil Gupta told me about your blog, and especially this post. I must say you have compiled a great list here. I was in SF for four weeks in Dec-Jan, and here’s where I went:

    Palace Family Steak House
    Mission Chinese Food
    Jeepney Guy Pop-Up/ Dear Mom
    YoYo Sushi
    Hong Kong Lounge
    Broken Record
    Giordano Bros. Sandwiches
    Arinell Pizza
    Lefty O’Douls
    Mission Noodle House
    Ferry Building
    Kate O’Briens
    Cafe Enchante
    Molinari Delicatessen
    Irish Times
    Tosca Cafe
    House of Shields
    Tacos San Buena
    Pa’ina Lounge & Restaurant
    Mifune Restaurant
    Sai’s Vietnamese Restaurant
    Cigar Bar & Grill
    Brioche Bakery & Cafe
    Little Joe’s Pizza
    Taqueria Guadalajara
    Golden Boy Pizza
    Tony’s Coal-Fired Pizza & Slice House
    Nihon Whisky Lounge
    Pier 23 Cafe
    Vesuvio Cafe
    Comstock Saloon
    Restaurant Ducroix
    Mo’s Grill

    • Hey Srikant! Thanks so much for adding so much to the list. I assume you enjoyed your food adventures in SF…looks like you did it right here! Will report back once I’ve had to chance to try some of these!

  4. Shaily Shah

    Bite Sandwiches
    Sanraku (Japanese cuisine)
    Chutney (Pakistani cuisine)
    Focaccia (Salads and Sandwiches)
    Plouf (French Seafood)
    galette 88
    Sweet Woodruff (gourmet american)
    Pearl’s Deluxe Burgers
    Burma Superstar
    Thai Idea Vegetarian
    Dosa (I’d dissuade you from going here. Try the one mentioned below instead!!)
    Udipi Palace
    The American Grilled Cheese Kitchen
    tlaloc (mexican cuisine)
    Pizza Orgasmica
    Poc-Chuc (mexican, latin-american, mayan)
    Umami burger (yes, it’s everywhere. But it’s still pretty good :D)
    Mamacita (south american fusion-ish :P)
    Bun Mee (Vietnamese sandwich eatery)

    [All credit to my foodie boyfriend for this list!!] 😀

    Bon Appetit!~<3


    • Hi Shaily – thank you for this awesome list [thanks to your foodie boyfriend, as well!] I had Bun Mee last week, got the pork belly…SO good. Can’t wait to try the others!
      Happy food adventures! Cheers!


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