I Saved the World Today

(The following is a TRUE story.)

I pulled the car, loaded to its brim with half of my belongings, into a small driveway on a peaceful, but crowded, city street.

As I unloaded, I heard something fall to the concrete. I turned and watched as my globe, a favorite decoration for my new apartment, awkwardly tumbled down the steep hill of my new street.

I darted after it, only to see a cop pull up and open his car door like he was also about to chase it. I knelt down to pick up the globe and looked up at him.

He smiled and said: “Now you can tell everyone you saved the world today.”

Thus begins a beautiful new chapter for me in my favorite American city.   I’ve moved in to my new neighborhood and have begun exploring and unpacking San Francisco.

More photos, travel home decor, food findings, and updates from this new adventure to follow.

There are also some new travel posts in the works that I’m excited to share with you.

Now if you’ll excuse me, I’m off to find an “I ♥ SFPD” t-shirt.


globe decor

The globe, safe and sound.

wine pacific heights

Cheers from my new home to yours!

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  1. Aw – love that! I’m SOOO happy you’ve moved and are settled … excited for this new chapter!

    • Thanks, Naomi! It was a surreal moment. One of those times you feel like you’re on the right path in life, even if you can’t explain why. I’m looking forward! (Or right into that police officer’s eyes.) 😉

  2. GREAT story! I’m excited to follow along as you share your new journey. I hope you find that police officer 🙂

    • Thanks, Jenny! Wouldn’t it be great to find him? Quick wit and kindness, in a uniform…I am all about it! 🙂

  3. Sweet, I grew up and lived in San Francisco and still visit regularly…loved your story and saving the world!

    • It’s a pretty great place, isn’t it? Happy to begin my time here on such an cool note. I’ll never forget that policeman!

  4. What a cute post! Cheers to you! xo

  5. Adorable. So happy I got to meet you and can now mooch off your city life. xoxo, your twin.


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