Best Places to Work Remotely in San Francisco

I’m coming up on two years of working remotely in San Francisco. And while, yes, some of this time was spent frolicking to other countries or on my couch at home, many, many hours have been spent in search of strong coffee and even stronger wifi.

As a freelancer, I like a healthy balance between being in my own world and being surrounded by others. Routine is both my best friend and my worst enemy — I find it encourages productivity but stifles creativity. When I’m short on inspiration, sometimes it’s as simple as a walk through a new neighborhood (I love you, SF) followed by a couple of hours in a coffee shop with good vibes. I find that even changing up my seating in a familiar place can help me see things in a new light.

Finding a public space to work in offers the best of both worlds. And because there’s nothing like caffeine to fuel both productivity and creativity, for me, I find myself in the city’s best coffee shops more often than not.

When I’m on deadline, I have to prioritize the Internet connection and minimize distractions. When I’m out more to journal or generate ideas, I choose coffee quality above all else. Most days you can find me at my neighborhood go-tos, which offer a bit of both.

Whether you’re a local (hello!) or a visitor to San Francisco (welcome!,) take it from me…this is my hard-earned list of the best SF coffee shops and where to work remotely in San Francisco:

Best Coffee Shops in San Francisco (and where to work remotely)

Just Plain Good Coffee

  • Sightglass
  • Four Barrel
  • Ritual
  • Blue Bottle
  • Philz
  • Bereka Coffe

Cute Interiors (Beware: No wifi!!! GASP!)

  • Wrecking Ball Coffee Roasters
  • The Mill
  • 20th Century Cafe
  • B Patisserie
  • Le Marais

where to work remotely in SF - Wrecking Ball Coffee on Union Street

Excellent Work Space

  • Workshop Cafe
  • Yakini Q Cafe
  • The Social Study
  • The Interval at Long Now
  • Capital One 360 Cafe

Best of Both Worlds

Also known as…where you’ll find me most days:

  • Saint Frank
  • Jane on Fillmore
  • Coffee Bar

Where to Work Remotely in San Francisco, Haus Coffee shop in the Mission District

Best By ‘Hood:

Mission: Haus Coffee
Hayes Valley: Artis Coffee
Castro, North Beach: Reveille Coffee
Pac Heights: Jane on Fillmore
The Haight: Flywheel Coffee
Marina/Cow Hollow: Illy Coffee on Union
Presidio: Starbucks (honestly, the prettiest little Sbux you ever did see)
Russian Hill: Saint Frank
Nob Hill: Contraband Coffee Bar
SOMA: The Creamery
Financial District: Coffee Bar

Where to Work Remotely, Coffee Shops in San Francisco - Jane on Fillmore

Coworking Opportunities:

  • WeWork SF: 25 Taylor Street
  • Makespace Coworking: Rotating, check their schedule
  • Nomad-A-What: 639 Clay Street
  • Parisoma: 169 11th Street
  • Canopy: 2193 Fillmore Street
  • The Assembly: 449 14th Street
  • Spacious (now in SF!)

There are also dozens of co-working spaces available monthly, but I haven’t quite wrapped my head around the idea of paying someone so I can go into an office. If I’m going to go into an office that much, you’ll pay me, thanks!

Last but not least, sometimes I actually do work best from home. Most if not all of the coffee shops listed here offer delicious beans for home brewing. I’ve been using this Italian-made espresso machine for years, and it’s the only thing that comes close to making delicious espresso at home (budget-friendly for what it is, too!)

Other resources, for finding workspaces and keeping your sanity:

Anything missing, San Franciscans? What would you add for where to work remotely in San Francisco? Or best coffee shops in SF? I know there is still much more to discover! Cheers!

Where to Work Remotely in San Francisco - best coffee shops - Artis Coffee


If you liked this post, check out the rest of my San Francisco pieces. Also, my Instagram is full of my favorite SF spots! I love this city like no other, and it brings me great joy to see others fall in love as well <3

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  1. Great list! I’d add Café St. Jorge and Tierra Mia, both on Mission St. south of Cesar Chavez. I’ve spent many hours working in both places. Hope you’ve been well 🙂

    • Oh, wonderful! Thanks Leslie! I can’t wait to see the rest of the additions people have for the list 🙂 Appreciate you sharing!

  2. Andytown, Home Cafe and Trouble Coffee need to be on these lists!

  3. One of the pictures looks like ice cream in coffee! If so, I NEED to know where it’s from & what it’s called! It looks amazing!

  4. VickinTran

    Thank you for this pin! Such helpful resources.


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